To Wear These 4 Colors Fashion Style will Make You Look Very Beautiful

Today, we will provide a fashion color style collocation for you that you will more beautiful in spring and summer season.

1, Apple Green

It is to said that the most capable color is white, it is the fresh and beautiful “apple green”. It’s not unreasonable to be the popular color in the year.

The green match will give people a feeling of freshness and comfort. If it is light green, it can give a soft feeling of coolness.

Especially suitable for summer.

Fashion Green Color Style

This high-visibility, non-glare color system is the hottest clothing color match in this year.

To choose a dress of this color, you only need to master one principle: “low saturation, high brightness.”

Get to this style, it is difficult to look more beautiful.

Apple green color is excellent, and the matching scheme is very simple.

The most common white or black combination with it, the atmosphere is harmonious and not rigid.

You can also not to choose a solid color, but it have some design feeling on the pattern of the clothing that can maintain its whitening effect.

So the visually is not afraid of monotony.

Apple Green gives people the most intuitive feeling: fresh and natural, quiet and restrained.

It can be used in large areas, such as choosing an apple-green suit or a long skirt, which can easily improve temperament.


1. It is important to choose the material and version;

2, The green color will makes women who looks very white, but it is not thin, do not choose a bloated style.

2, Ginger Yellow

Yellow is a “high-risk color system” for the girl who has yellow skin, it will especially not white.

But the ginger is not the same.

Turmeric is the most friendly of the yellow lines, and it is a relatively high-gray color.

There is a lot in the “white”. Especially suitable for black skin girls.

But whether it is ginger or not, all the yellow clothes are not well matched, because yellow is a “eye-catching”.

Yellow with a lot of other colors is a big taboo.

The correct combination should be set off with black, white and grey series that is making it easier to control the yellow.

If you need match other colors, you can remember a principle: the color is not very obvious color.

This combination can make other colors more neutral, and enhance the visual softness.

If the yellow-skin girl is not good at this color, she wants to wear a high-grade sense of yellow.

You can choose a yellow lower body to match.

Avoid yellows that are too close to your face so you don’t worry about each other.


1. Reject all yellow floral fashion style, they will looks black;

2, The yellow lace single product will not let you become a little princess, you will only become a “small dirty child.”

3, Water Wave Blue

Blue has always been a versatile and wearable color.

The water wave blue is the “small handle” that shows the white circle.

Water blue is low in color temperature, and white is essentially a “low temperature color.”

Therefore, fashion bloggers love the “blue + white” formula, which is white and harmonious.

The two colors with similar color temperatures are the same as the high-light color. It is not surprising that it is particularly white.

For the yellow skin girl, the water wave blue is more effective than the deep blue.

Because the water wave blue is similar to the skin color in terms of chromaticity, and the inclusiveness is also stronger.

It can be matched with more dark-colored and low-lightness items, and the whitening effect is highlighted by the contrast method.


1. Don’t choose a light blue, the whitening effect is greatly reduced;

2. It is more effective to choose a low-light color combination.

4, Coral Powder Pink

Coral powder pink is one of the “Morland” colors, with a gray tone and a sense of quality.

The low-saturation color is basically friendly to the yellow skin and that can be very transparent to the skin.

And the water wave blue is very suitable for summer season, and it looks breathable.

Coral powder color is different from those of “fairy smashed powder”. It is hard to know how pink the girl’s heart is.

The coral powder is elegant and gentle, and it has a mature charm. Even if you wear a full set of look, it will not be dirty.

It is also soften the seriousness of the suit.

Coral powder pink can be applied to the skirt, and the temperament and cleanliness can be improved.

This relatively soft color is not too picky about the material and the clothing version.

You can wear it if you want to buy it.


1. If you wear large area pink color dress, you can’t use other colors to make highlights, it is firewood;

2, Similar color is not suitable for pink match, it will become greasy girl.

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