The Fashion Blogger’s Baroque Style Accessories

Speaking of Baroque, the first reaction should be those beautiful and magnificent European castles.

There are also beautiful jewels of the last century. We believe that everyone has seen Disney’s princess movies since childhood.

What impressed Euler most was the “Beauty and the Beast” starring Hermione, which really satisfied my girl’s heart!

Beauty and the Beast

Baroque accessories are usually styled and have a strong exotic flavor. The materials used are usually metal, pearl shells and gems.


Metal relief

The metal relief type is to engrave a retro and beautiful pattern on the metal of the polygon, so that the accessories look delicate and layered.

This exaggerated love earring is this type, with the most popular print skirt this summer is really beautiful.

fashion blogger

There is also one of the most classic rounds, which can clearly see the relief above, it is full of retro and atmospheric feelings.

Everyone should be familiar, because last year’s coin necklaces should have a lot of fire, they are all of the same style.

fashion blogger

There are also earrings that combine a combination of irregularly twisted shapes with design, an accessory that will make your overall look particularly delicate.

fashion blogger

Pearl retro style

In addition to the metal reliefs, there is also the Baroque pearl style of a combination of metal and pearl. The elegance of the atmosphere is its representative.

pearl style

The plain little white dress with the addition of Baroque pearl earrings, that is instantly looks retro and fairy, and does not feel monotonous.

white dresses

The Baroque pearl style is not old-fashioned. It combines with metal to blend retro and modern modernity. Even with trendy sunglasses and a stable suit, it is effortless.

fashion blogger

The devil’s eye is full of exotic winds, with pearl elements, and a touch of elegance.

With this body back, the sexy index soars!

fashion blogger

In addition to the earrings, this summer is still very popular in the headgear.

This headband decorated with pearls is a retro princess style. Because the background color is black, it is also versatile.

fashion blogger's accessories

This kind of childlike color beaded and pearl-bonded necklace, which is also full of fun, with summer color clothes will instantly “bright”.

fashion blogger

The letter elements have always been enduring, combining pearls is more refined and elegant, while at the same time without losing the modern sense, basically with skirts and all kinds of items are very OK.

fashion blogger

Don’t you like these retro-tasting accessories? In summer, it is not only have beautiful skirts, but also corresponding accessories, so that you can wear more advanced beauty.

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