Princess Kate’s Fashion Similar Color Collocation

Everyone knows that good-looking wear needs to be carefully matched, but most people find it that hard to spend time on it like a fashionista. In fact, good-looking wear is not so complicated. Kate Princess, who is super-good at wearing, has inadvertently taught a simple and beautiful dressing technique for many years.

As the high popularity people of the British royal family, Kate is wearing a high-profile and beautiful dress to popular in the world, except that every time wearing clothes will sell light in a short time, many fans are eager to imitate each of Kate’s wear.

In her beautiful style, there is indeed a good-looking style that needs to be carefully matched, but it also includes a style that can be worn without time and effort.

This lazy super-loving dress is wearing a similar color dress from top to bottom.

It is very simple, if today’s mood is blue, then it’s fine to choose a blue item from top to bottom. You don’t have to be a same blue, it can be light blue, dark blue, lake blue and indigo blue.

If you don’t know how to wear for same color system, pls look at the more Kate’s match.

Black tweed suit + black stockings + black high heels + black clutch
Olive Green Dress + Olive Green High Heels + Olive Green Clutch
Lightning Blue Dress + Lake Blue High Heels + Navy Blue Clutch
Rose red top hat + rose red dress + wine red high heels + wine red gloves
White top hat + white coat + beige high heels
Gray-blue coat + blue printed scarf + lake blue high heels
Dark green hat + dark green coat + dark green high heels
Princess Kate's red long formal dress
Red dress + red high heels + red clutch
Princess Kate's pink dress
Pink top hat + pink coat + pink high heels

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