5 Popular Trend Fashion Colors in 2020 Spring Summer.

“The 2020 fashion color is so pleasing!”

Compared with styles and single products, fashion color is the most important thing in the fashion industry! So what is the popular trend color of 2020?

The “air sensation” color is a new trend in recent years, and it makes people happy and relaxed. After comparison, these 5 colors are exactly the same as Pantone’s predictions. Therefore, as fashionable sisters, these colors must be got early and be fashionable!

Mint Green
Mint Green
Petar Petrov 2019

Mint green is like a mint in the morning that is full of cool breath!

Mint green style

Mint green is really a summer color, and when you see it, it is reminiscent of mint water, it is very light!

Mint green

A mint green can make people shine bright and soft, comfortable and bright!

mint green style

Thick and light, the combination of point and surface, so harmonious in the mint green!

green blouse
green blouse one
Marc Jacobs 2019
Marc Jacobs 2019

Cantaloupe is a sweet color!

fashion color style

Sweet cantaloupe, sweet you, think of it makes people happy!

cantaloupe fashion trend style

Cantaloupe comes with a gentle filter, but it is not purely gentle, it is filled with a sense of power that waiting for bursts.

So it does not lose the unrestrainedness and vitality of tropical fruits!

It is worth mentioning that cantaloupe is not a white color, but even so, no matter what skin color it is, it is beautiful! This beauty does not float on the surface, it is a flourishing state. Who said that only white is the most beautiful?

Cantaloupe color has its moving side and quiet side. This is probably its biggest charming!

Mellow Yellow
Melow Yellow
Adeam 2019
Adeam 2019

Seeing the mellow yellow card that first thought of the joy of gold harvest!

Mellow yellow

The mellow yellow seems to have a feeling of blowing a wind over the wheat waves.


So it always gives people a sense of satisfaction!

yellow shirt
yellow dresses

It is the color of burning vitality!

yellow suit

But the atmosphere of mellow yellow determines that it is stable enough and mature.

yellow style

It is the enthusiasm of restraint, the implicit, bright, sensual but steady people will love it!

Kate Spade 2019

Cassis always reminds me of the mysterious black currant – you never know if the next one is sour or sweet! But this does not stop us from loving it!

cassis suit

The familiar black currant is always a long-lasting one. It is like a cassis purple person, mature and atmospheric !

cassis suit

Cassis purple color style with a retro and elegant atmosphere.

cassis style
cassis dress

Only the grace of the body is not enough to prop up this color! What it needs is the temperament that comes from the bones to support!

cassis sexy dress

Cassis purple is like the mystery of a fairy, and it will always attract people’s attention!

Pursit Blue
Pursit Blue
Zimmermann Spring 2019
Zimmermann Spring 2019

Purist blue is instantly reminds people of the clear water, the mood is more fun!

blue dress
blue color dress

Beaches, waves, and seaside are probably the best yearning for purist blue!

blue long dress

Purist blue is always easy to give people a clean and refreshing feeling, it can be slightly sweet.

purist blue color

It can also be the handsome of micro salt.

purist blue style

It is the same as mint green, it is easy to make people shine, and because it is bright and soft, it can give people a sense of visual comfort, it is very good to wear out!

blue and pink style

However, even the refreshing and comfortable purist blue still has its own personality!

purist blue fashion style

Color has a pleasant power. The above is the popular color that was released in 2020.

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