2019 Popular Lliving Coral Color is So Beautiful

The fashion color of the fashion industry is from the representative of the non-sexist crystal powder and the quiet blue to the symbol of hope and warm grass green, and to the avant-garde purple color with great imagination for the future, can be said to understand in the people’s heart of change. Over time, Pantone, the color research authority, pointed out that the most popular color in 2019 was the Living Coral color.

living coral

The official color analysis is said that coral orange is a vibrant color with a “humanized, inspiring character.” In other words, coral orange color is the product of “the multicolored ecosystem of nature”, and the “centered position”, in the colorful world of the kaleidoscope that gives us a sense of shelter.

living coral color

Except living coral orange, Pantone also released the other 15 most popular colors in 2019, 12 key colors (carnival red, clown red, turmeric, coral orange, pink peacock, pepper terrier green, primrose gold, princess blue , toffee, mango cocktail, moss in glass, sweet cloves) and 4 neutral colors (soya, eclipse, sweet corn, brown granite).

It can be roughly divided into red-pink series, yellow-orange series, milk-coffee series, and yellow-green series. The picture below is neutral color, dark blue and earthy, and is a color that is versatile with any color.

pantone color

Today, we wants to discuss with everyone the popular color – living coral orange.

one shoulder living coral color style

I have to say that the popular color will usually be spit out by everyone in every year when the popular color comes out, or the color tone is too saturated and everyone is rejected, or the upper body is wearing the test value.

However, through the transformation of designers and bloggers, when they are actually applied to our lives, they can bring new surprises! Moreover, we found that the background color of live coral orange is orange instead of pink, so its warmth complements most of the skin color, and Asians can have there own charming who are yellow skin!

fashion dress

Living Coral oranges is sweeping the fashion show in the world

As the C-bit color of this year, many big brands have used it in the 2019 spring and summer series. Gucci’s inspiration for this season comes from Van Gogh’s autumn landscape painting depicting Alice Kang’s landscape. The pink coral orange has a lively and feminine tonality. It is different from the big red that is eye-catching and gentle, it is also different from the pink full of playful gentleness. It’s gentle and noble to convey the lively experience in a soft way.

living coral fashion style

The fashion circle is full of magic, it is never afraid of color, Silvia Tcherassi’s coral orange is simple and rude which is giving people a strong and unassuming, although the color is bold but romantic and elegant, it is amazing. No wonder Pantone will say that living coral orange can bring us warmth and nutrients in a life of change.

sexy v neck living coral dress

Roksanda puts the coral orange into the office, and the tailored suits show the perfect lines of women who is making the dress look warm and relaxed. Fendi is full of girlish atmosphere, with a touch of soft powder in the coral orange, not sticky, not eye-catching, it is creating a sweet and dreamy feelings. This style is more suitable for most people’s wear, it is lighting up your good mood in every day.

Roksanda and Fendi style

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